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The Hague, NL
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Encargado/a de restaurante | Limburg | 29 nov. 2015
Gratificante pero estresante
Era Gerente de esta restaurante propiedad de mi familia, por lo que el nivel de estrés era muy grande, me gusta el trato directo con los clientes, ha sido una experiencia de la que he aprendido mucho, la del empresario. Me encargaba del buen funcionamiento, control de cocina y salón, compras...
productiemedewerker | Nederland | 23 sep. 2018
Very bad experience
I applied here for productiemedewerker. I had my rondleiding and he explained about the work and promissing that i can start next week. I waited for almost a month but they never message anymore, i tried calling and messaging but they never replied. Too much promises and very bad service. Really!
Magazijnmedewerker | Heteren | 28 sep. 2018
No hours
They saying there is less work and you working 1 or two days per week and every day coming new people. I don't recomend.
| Dordrecht | 1 jun. 2020
It was ok
It was ok, salary in time, nice people would reccomend to my friends
Shop Assistant | Scarborough | 29 okt. 2013
Brilliant team work
Handling of cash including; dealing with refunds, petty cash and cashing up at end of shift. Dealing with displays, both stock displays; filling,re arranging and stock takes. Re arranging arcade displays and placing objects in correct places. Machine handling, including filling up machines and dealing with problems machines may cause e.g clogging up Dealing with customers, from serving their needs to complaint and enquires including large parties and of all age range Responsible key holder and team member, including flexible working hours and working over my hours at short notice.
Pluspuntenstaff disscount
Minpuntenlong hours
Agent (m/w/d) | Chemnitz | 15 sep. 2012
kompetente Personaldienstleistungsfirma
Olympia setzte mich in einem Callcenter in Chemnitz ein.Dort bekam ich erst einmal eine umfangreiche Schulung und wurde anschließend mittels Fachtrainer und learning bei doing eingearbeitet. Olympia war stehts ein sehr unkomplizierter Arbeitgeber der zusammen mit mir nach Lösungen für eventuell aufgetrene Problemchen sorgte. Das Arbeitsverhältnis musste jedoch beendet werden da das Callcenter Stellen abbauen musste und so kurzfristig nichts anders verfübar war. Alles in allem war ich mit Olympia sehr zufrieden!
Pluspuntenunkompliziertes, menschliches umgehen miteinander
Server | Ganderkesee | 18 sep. 2015
I loved being a waitress at Olympia. The other servers were nice and kind. My Boss supported me and teaches me a lot of important things.
The work in Olympia was very good. We have to take care of the guests and make their visit to the restaurant a special visit. We have to clean our working area and also be finish with the work in time. We have to be nice and kind and productive. Also spontaneously and diligent. It was a lot of fun to work at Olympia and I got a lot of experiences.
Pluspuntenfree lunches, kind coworkers, nice ambiente
Minpuntenno fixed times
Massage Therapist | Республика Башкортостан | 5 feb. 2018
Experience in working with people work.
get a lot of fun working with people to achieve their goals, namely to become the best version of myself to pump my body. I enjoy drawing up a nutrition and training program but I love working with people I know all simulators and what they are for.
PluspuntenGood salary
Minpuntenbusy schedule
| Stanford, IL | 31 jul. 2018
Work Study Program
I performed my duties to the top standard to best service the students. I upheld correct procedures for preparing food. I handled products and equipment with safety and sanitation guidelines. I was praised by my management for being an efficient worker, which requiring little supervision.
PluspuntenFree lunch
Collector | Liverpool | 4 nov. 2013
Productive work place
I work at the Liverpool Olympia occasional weekends, in a typical day i would glass collect or work at the bar serving members of the public.It can sometimes be non stop as the venue can be very busy. I enjoy working there as you can see part of the shows that are put on and you get to meet new people.
Cleaner | Liverpool, NY | 11 okt. 2017
Working at Olympia
You would clean offices and bathrooms everyday, the same ones. The people who worked in the buildings were crazy nice but you got the handful of the ones who would complain. The hardest part was trying to stay on a tight time schedule. The best part was the 15 an hour.
PluspuntenGood Pay
MinpuntenNo breaks
Manager | Washington City, DC | 11 dec. 2019
Worst place
Any problems you have here expect that HR or your immediate manager will never help you out. Then this company just don’t know how to schedule support when needed they expect you to do it all solo. Expect constantly harassment from the operations manager and racism and to be lied on.

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Als jij de leiding had, wat zou je dan doen om van Olympia een betere werkplek te maken?
Gevraagd op 6 jan. 2019
Degelijke recruiters aannemen.
Beantwoord op 24 jan. 2022
In ieder geval zorgen dat je personeel de afspraken met sollicitanten nakomt. Bellen niet terug na gemaakte afspraken reageren niet op mail reageren nergens op niet op je sollicitatie niet op je vraag of je ingesproken voicemail bericht ZEER SLECHT !!!
Beantwoord op 30 mei 2021
Wat is je favoriete onderdeel aan werken bij Olympia?
Gevraagd op 20 mei 2020
Geen nooit meer
Beantwoord op 23 sep. 2022
De manier waarop ze met je omgaan
Beantwoord op 26 jan. 2022
Gemiddeld, hoeveel uur per dag werk je bij Olympia?
Gevraagd op 25 mrt. 2020
8 uur per dag
Beantwoord op 14 feb. 2022
36 uur per week
Beantwoord op 30 nov. 2020
Hoe zijn de werktijden georganiseerd bij Olympia?
Gevraagd op 23 feb. 2020
Normale werktijden zijn 9-5
Beantwoord op 9 jun. 2022
8-20.00 uur
Beantwoord op 21 apr. 2022
Hoe geeft het management feedback bij Olympia?
Gevraagd op 17 jan. 2020
Ligt aan het bedrijf waar je naar toe gaat maar ondersteuning vanuit Olympia is niet aanwezig.
Beantwoord op 23 aug. 2022
Zero przydzlosci
Beantwoord op 23 okt. 2020