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1300 N Airport Rd, Phillips, WI 54555
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Consulting and Business Services

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Kassamedewerker (m/v) | Terneuzen | 21 dec. 2022
Gezellige collega’s
Het enige positieve zijn de gezellige collega’s. De leiding is erg slecht, er wordt geen rekening gehouden met je privé omstandigheden. En dan praat ik nog niet eens over het salaris, deze is echt veel te laag. Je moet teveel werk doen voor erg weinig!
Orderpicker (m/v) | Amstelveen | 6 jan. 2023
Geen commentaar
Waardeloos management. Je wordt aan je lot overgelaten en geen inwerkperiode. Als nieuwe medewerker weet je niet wat je moet doen. Na 3 weken pas een rooster gekregen.
Teamleider (m/v) | Bussel | 7 jun. 2022
Wonderful experience
You need to be flexible for all the daily challenges.
Head of Operations | Chennai, Tamil Nadu | 15 jul. 2017
People centric leadership and great place to work
My journey with Barry-Wehmiller is dated to the early 1990's.. Started my career building their Knowledge Management and Multimedia practice over the first 14 plus years. Acquired many large clients in the United States supporting them with their publication, field service support and customer support needs. The opportunity to get the flavor of Marketing, Sales, Customer Engagement was bestowed on me and I managed large key accounts in US, India and Europe markets for the next 8 plus years. Has contributed to personal development of young engineers equipping them with soft skills for efficient self management and customer engagement. Am a mentor to many budding youngsters and have been a coach to many teams driving success. After playing roles in delivery management, practice management, sales, marketing and operations management, i am looking forward to playing key roles in business growth, customer acquisition and success.
PluspuntenIndependence, flexible, people centric leadership, opportunity
Minpuntensometimes dedication to clients and US timings cause odd hours of work.
Project Accountant | United States | 14 aug. 2019
Compensation is only fair
This is a decent organization to start off your career, you can get a wide variety of exposure on projects, but don't stay too long. Get your experience and move on from here since you won't move up in the ranks here. There is a great emphasis on equality and mutual respect for each other roles, on paper. This is not the case in reality. There is a great demand on the support staff for the ever increasing number of professionals. Compensation is only fair: provide 10 days of vacation/year with no hope for more until you've been with the company for 7 years. Financial compensation is far below the local markets. Health benefits are extremely expensive. Minimal room for advancement, unless you are one of the 'chosen'. Very evident that there is a preferred look for their management team, regardless of the individual's knowledge. They do not always promote based on knowledge, but who looks the part and who is around at that time.
PluspuntenFlexible work schedule for some
MinpuntenManagement, Work/Life Balance
Sales | California | 14 aug. 2015
Guiding Principles of Leadership and how you touch people’s lives - (worked more than 10 years)
I have never worked for a company where, when management asked for something and the employees did not do it. I have always worked as a team member and when I thought that someone needed some help with something, I would offer my services. The employees do not work together and do not trust others to help them. I had been harassed by management and the employees, and when you go to the HR dept they do not support you. They do not follow up with complaints. How Barry Weymiller touched my life, I left the company with many health issues, from stress and harassment. I have never worked for a company before where my boss would make sure to tell me that everyone in the company did not like me. Employees are supposed to follow the leadership principles, only apply to the person being bullied (not the person or people bullying).
PluspuntenOffer incentives
MinpuntenOffer incentives and then employees will not work together.
Systems Integration Specialist | Roseville, CA | 26 mei 2020
Encouraging environment with multiple career paths.
As an intern, I was plugged straight into a project for a large company with a local facility I was taught and then trusted with P&ID drawings, and electrical panel drawings In the office, it was encouraged to ask questions, think critically, and learn as we went. I felt trusted and valued as an engineer, my questions were always taken seriously and I got to play an important part in the design, delivery, and implementation of multiple projects. Industrial Automation is a fascinating world that offers the ability to design for many fields of production. This also offers the ability to choose your career path, of being more of a field engineer, project manager as well as being more involved with the controls, electrical, or process engineering side.
Process Engineer | Santa Ana, CA | 27 mrt. 2021
Good for Recent Grads
I really did not enjoy my time at Design Group because of all the staff auging I had to do. I was under the impression that I would be working on projects that had nothing to do with staff auging. Imagine my shock when I found out I would be staff auging. I'm not a fan of staff auging for many reasons, but if I would have known I would be staff auging I would have not accepted the job offer. The pay and benefits were pretty poor for that type of company. The worst benefits I have ever had to be honest. Management was pretty much non existent, but the people in management were nice. The only positive was that I met and worked with some awesome people.
PluspuntenSome of the people I met and worked with were awesome.
MinpuntenPay and benefits, staff auging, and management.
Controls Engineer | Philadelphia, PA | 23 jun. 2014
Great Engineers/Terrible Management/Bad Reputation
My time with this company was bittersweet. I had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people, but management makes this place a nightmare. Management is incredibly inept and the structure is the textbook definition of a clique. They look out for one another and throw their employees to the wolves to cover their own tails. Their compensation is great but the benefits are terrible! I was paying over 700 per month for a family insurance plan with awful deductibles. I would try to avoid this place as much as possible and their reputation with customers is extremely unfavorable. They've become a body mill and many of their customers see that.
Electrical Engineer | St. Louis, MO | 13 sep. 2018
Low compensation and heavy workload
Constant travel, overtime, and weekend work is demanded. Compensation and especially benefits are kept low. Only 10 days of vacation/year with no hope for more until you've been with the company for 7 years. Projects often last several months which means little time at home and 50-60+ hour work weeks every week which is required to get any sort of bonus. Comp-time is not really a thing. Hundreds of hours of overtime won't get you any additional time of. The only benefit is job security. Compensation is so low compared to other companies that DG can afford to keep everyone around. They'll just work you to the bone.
PluspuntenJob security, Per Diem
MinpuntenNo time at home, poor benefits
Field Service Engineer | Loveland, CO | 23 sep. 2019
Great place to work if you like work.
I thoroughly enjoy PLCs and automation work, as well as mechanical installs and integration. That's what this company does, adn it does it often. Are there downsides? Sure, you're on the road a lot. However, there's no other place where you can do as much work and gain as much experience as you can with an integrator. I've tripled my knowledge already working here and have learned not only from completing the work, but from my coworkers showing me tips and tricks to make life easier. This might not be the job for everyone, but it's good enough for me.
PluspuntenExperience, Pay, Travel benefits
MinpuntenAway from home, Constant travel
Finance Project Manager | St. Louis, MO | 18 dec. 2013
Productive workplace with a great culture and vision for the future
Barry Wehmiller Design Group was a great company to work for especially for engineers that have been in the career field for awhile or brand new engineers right out of school. I was on a team with all men for our firm's biggest account. The hardest part of the job was the constant new project load while keeping up with the current project load. The best part of the job was the job security, all the employees are great to work with and the managers all lead by being a team player. There are offices all over the US so you're able to relocate if needed.
Electrical Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | 19 jul. 2014
Great people to work with but schedule tends to be a bit too sporadic (on call, working long days, traveling.
This is my first job out of college and it's been nothing short of a great experience. However, I was hired under the terms that I would be doing only local Los Angeles travel. Now, about 8 months into employment, this hasn't been true for the most part; I have been working in sacramento for a few months now and I'm not sure if I will ever be permanently in Los Angeles. If you like traveling and don't mind working weekends this is the place for you.
PluspuntenPer Diem, Benefits, Work Environment
MinpuntenWork Schedule, Traveling, Weekends

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Als jij de leiding had, wat zou je dan doen om van Barry-Wehmiller International een betere werkplek te maken?
Gevraagd op 7 jun. 2022
More integration between the Barry-Wehmiller companies of the group.
Beantwoord op 7 jun. 2022
Worden reiskosten vergoedt bij Barry-Wehmiller International?
Gevraagd op 7 jun. 2022
Yes, all the expenses are paid.
Beantwoord op 7 jun. 2022